NDT Accessories and Spare Parts

X-Ray Diffraction

▪ Polycrystalline Silicon Standard Sample (Powder)
▪ High Voltage Grease
▪ Scintillation Grease
▪ High Grade Lubrication grease for gears
▪ NaI Crystals
▪ Photomultiplier Tubes
▪ Water Filter

X-Ray Radiography

▪ X-ray Films of all Sizes, Customized Sized for Bulk Supply
▪ X-ray Film Cassettes, Flexible, Aluminium
▪ X-ray film Holders and Hangers
▪ X-ray Film Enveopes
▪ X-ray Safety Goggles
▪ Lead Intensify Screens
▪ Lead Letters, Lead Numbers and Markers
▪ Lead Shielding Rubber and Glass Sheets
▪ Lead Rubber Aprons
▪ Lead Tapes Simple and with Spacing, Marking
▪ Lead Filters all Sizes
▪ Lead Blocking all Sizes
▪ Lead Wire
▪ Lead Bricks, Shims and Wedges for Shielding
▪ Image Quality Indicators, Penetrameters of all Kinds
▪ Adhesive Masking Tapes made of Cloth & Vinyl
▪ Plastic Storage Boxes for Lead Letters
▪ Radiation Warning Rope, Tape, Signs
▪ Immersion Heaters and Themometers
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